Logo August 2022
Logo August 2022


"Love IS, THE Answer!" 

Michael Tronn is a warrior of love in the battle between good and evil. 

As such, he makes "something for everyone"in order to get through. Though classically trained in many mediums, he chooses simplicity to make his work accessible for everyone. 

"I used to make edgy confrontational art. Now I make art that looks like cartoons, video games, and candy because people like cartoons, video games and candy."  

"I do this intentionally to use joy to spread the message of oneness and unity contained in all of my work." 

- Michael Tronn 

He has exhibited at The Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami, The Urban Art Farm in Miami, The World of Wonder Gallery in Los Angeles, The Arlene Altman Gallery in Los Angeles, and The Red Zone Gallery in New York.  


LITA & The Happy Hearts exist to help people see that we are all one family; everyone and everything related at the begining of all creation.  

Every heart in this body of work represents an electron of the stardust of which every person and every thing came from and is made. 


Love. Is. The. Answer