Every heart Tronn creates represents a molecule of stardust made of the energy of love.  

He promotes self-expression and the peace it brings to the individual and to our collective consciousness.  

He believes that having inner peace leads to greater acceptance and the realization that everyone and everything in all their forms is beautiful, holy, and good.  

He believes this will eradicate bigotry and propel the world to become a more peaceful and healthy place for all. 

"I used to make edgy confrontational art. Now I make art that looks like cartoons, video games, and candy because people like cartoons, video games and candy. I do this intentionally to use joy to spread the message of oneness and unity contained in all of my work." 


TRONN has exhibited at The Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami, The Urban Art Farm in Miami, The World of Wonder Gallery in Los Angeles, The Arlene Altman Gallery in Los Angeles, and The Red Zone Gallery in New York.  


Love. Is. The. Answer